Friday, 30 July 2010

I love my kittyman, Chester :)

Youtube, home of some of the most epic videos!

Here is my Youtube Channel incase anyone wants to check it out! :) It'd be great if you'd subscribe to me :) as soon there will be some music videos, comedy stuff and other random things uploaded to it :) 
Thanks x

Thursday, 29 July 2010

In summer, the song sings itself.

So it's summer here on the Island! My friends and I have a few rather awesome plans ready to be unleashed upon Compton Bay and various other places!

This is my first EVERRR blog, and my first please be nice, haha. I am really confused as to what to write....i have been contemplating it for a few hours now...when I should probably doing my art course work...but never mind. The reason I even decided to start a blog is beyond me, I guess it's because I looked at my brothers one...but his is really cool and I'm still getting the hang of things on here.
You would not believe the amount of time it took me to just figure out how to change the background! ahaha, and then it took me even longer to choose a one!
Seeing as I have nothing inparticular to say, I will tell you a little more about myself...this is the part when everyone decides to stop reading ;)
I am your average 14 year old girl from the isle of wight....well actually, that's probably not true, seeing as most of the island girls are chavs and whatever else....i guess i'm my own person...I don't really fit in anywhere apart from with the select few of whom are my best friends! :) I like to go to the beach alot, and there is a beach in every direction here so it's pretty easy to get to one, to chill with my friends and listen to music alot!...Not that teribe Justin Bieber stuff though...real music! check out my music box to see what i consider 'real music'. I have recently chosen my year 10 options...I wish I had though harder about them though, because I'm stuck on a rubbish Media course at the college, but apart from that my other subjects are pretty cool; GCSE Art and BTech Photography - I love photography, I take my camera everywhere and my grandad says i 'have an eye for photos not may other people would see as being good'. I use macro ALOT! Without macro I might fail my photography course, ahaha. That's all you need to know really....oh and I am terrible at Math.
I want to carry out my photograpy for a while, and buy a VW campervan and travel around europe taking shots for my 'Mickey's Adventure' album. I will post some pictures of it soon, so you know what I am yabbering on about.
Thanks for reading x
So yeah....that sums up my first post I guess :) Hope it was okay
(ah yes, my spelling is awful so sorry for any incorrect spellings in any post)